Sewing for Service:

On Saturday, I attended a Dress a Girl Around the World Sewing Party. I showed up as instructed with my sewing machine, some pillowcases, fabric for pockets, and some bias tape. I sewed my little heart out for about 3 hours alongside 30-40 other people, including a half a dozen adorable boys and girls learning how to sew. Together, we sewed pillowcase dresses and shorts and made yarn prayer dolls to send with the dresses.

These dresses, shorts, and dolls get hand-delivered to girls and boys in various countries around the world.  Carolyn showed a video of a collection of pictures from her three trips to Uganda.  It was heart-warming and motivating to see her pictures and learn about her experience.  She has done so much for the people she met in the village of Kajarau.  She even founded a kitchen in memory of her husband that feeds the children there 3 meals a day, 6 days a week.


Walk 4 Water:

Carolyn is now working on Walk 4 Waterto be held in Loveland, CO on May 7th.  This is a 6km trek to raise funds to dig a well in the village of Kajarau in Uganda, East Africa. 6km is the average distance walked each way each day for dirty water.  According to Carolyn, half of the children in Uganda don’t survive to their 5th birthday because of diseases linked to dirty water and girls can’t go to school when they are spending 26% of their day walking for water.


How You Can Help:

  • Make Pillowcase Dresses ~ If you want to make dresses, they have the pattern available for download here. And you can send the finished dresses here.
  • Walk in Walk 4 Water ~ Call Carolyn Griebe at (970) 776-9029 or email her at for more information.