Recently, I heard about a new P.E.O. sister that makes pillowcase dresses that get hand-delivered to girls in various countries around the world.  I’d been looking for a way to put my love for sewing to a good cause, and was so excited to learn more.  I finally got to meet with Carolyn in person this morning to learn about her and her work.

Carolyn is wonderful and full of passion for what she does.  She is the official volunteer representative in Northern Colorado for Dress a Girl Around the World, a project that was created by Hope 4 Kids International to make sure every girl has at least one dress.  She is personally responsible for over 500 dresses going Uganda, Haiti, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Russia, Ukraine, Kenya, Mexico, & Guatemala. She stays very busy making presentations around Northern Colorado to churches, service clubs and school classes.  She’s hosting a local event on February 19th, a “sewing party” where everyone brings their sewing machines and fabric to make dresses for girls and shorts for boys.  I’m looking forward to that too!

When I first arrived at Carolyn’s house, she showed me stacks of children’s clothes, knitted hats and pillow case dresses that were filling her spare room waiting to be picked up and delivered to a women’s prison in Kenya.  She showed me another stack of pillow case dresses ready to be sent with a mission trip leaving in a couple of weeks for Haiti.

Then she showed me her “central station” where she did all her prep work.  She had several sewing stations, a table where she put together “kits” to give to anyone willing to make a dress, and a place where she displays the jewelry she brought back from Uganda that was handmade by the widows there.  She bought it from them and any profit she makes from selling the jewelry she sends back to Uganda.

She’s an amazing woman and I was so happy to be there learning about everything she does.  I was pleasantly surprised when she told me to grab a pillow case from a stack on the table and learn how to make one.  It was simple and quick and lots of fun.  The dresses have big pockets on the front for the girls to have a way to carry things.  Carolyn tries to make sure each dress also includes a pair of underwear and a little doll in the pocket.

The dress I made got put in the pile that’s going to Haiti. It gives me goosebumps to know that a girl in Haiti will have a new, clean dress to wear that was made with love just for her.

Needless to say, I ended up taking the rest of the stack of pillow cases to finish at home.  I can’t wait to get started!!

If you want to make some too, they have the pattern available for download here. And you can send the finished dresses here.