We got a new kitten in February. His name is Andrew. He’s awesome and rowdy and a really good napper. Sam, our dog, has graciously welcomed him into our family. Sam was willing to share his bed in front of the window until Andrew almost doubled in size. 🙂

So I decided it was time to create a space they could share and still be comfortable. So I put some legs on our hope chest and put it in front of the window. I created a custom pet bed that they could share. It was a process, but it fits the hope chest perfectly, they won’t damage the finish, and they aren’t so crowded. 🙂

I used this pattern as a starting point. It has really good directions with a lot of close-up pictures. I expanded the size and added the middle bolster in order to have space for both of them. It was kind of a beast to sew since I doubled it, but it worked out.

I’m so glad I added the middle bolster, it’s been a hit with both Sam and Andrew. And I’m certainly glad it has sides… As you can see Andrew really likes to spread out.